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    Welcome To Dunleer .Net



    Welcome to Dunleer town, County Louth, Republic of Ireland.





    This community website is developed and maintained by:  the Dunleer Community Development Board (DCDB).


    Here you will find a wealth of information on all things happening in Dunleer and it's surrounding Mid-Louth area.

    Our mission is to: "Communicate, Advocate, and Drive Forward the issues which must be Addressed For the Betterment of Dunleer and it's Surrounding Area, so that it can be Enjoyed by everyone in our Community"

    DCDB 30th June 2014.

  • Events

    Dunleer Community Development Board Playground Project was an initiative of  Dunleer Community Development Board.


    The Board fund raised, planned, designed and developed the playground from conception in 2010 to completion in March 2012.


    The Playground project arose out of the direct active volunteer work of the DCDB volunteers to obtain a critically important piece of civic architecture.

    The playground was handed over to Louth County Council on 31/03/2012 for the perpetual enjoyment and social development of the Children of the Dunleer/Mid-Louth area. Up to before this, Parents had been forced to commute to Ardee or Drogheda for their Children to play in a Play Ground.

    After a year of fundraising, construction took six months, and was an example of what can be achieved when a community comes together to achieve an objective.

    Since completion, the playground or 'playpen' as it is affectionately known, has become a well loved civic space where children can enjoy themselves to their heart's content.

    DCDB 01/05/14.

    Watch Video...


    The Market House Dunleer is an initiative of the Dunleer Community Development Board (DCDB).

    In 2009 Discussions were began between the DCDB and Louth County Council on taking the Market House and it's Campus in charge by the DCDB.


    In August 2011 this was given the green light, with the Market House being handed over by the local government to the DCDB community umbrella forum.


    The DCDB are delighted to confirm that The Market House is NOW OPEN Monday to Friday from  9.00 a.m.  to  5.00 p.m and evenings by prior arrrangement


    Please enquire with our Customer service team at: for further information or make an enquiry about making your booking with them.

    We will be delighted to help you tailor the perfect event with you or your group in mind.


    The Market House is a community based enterprise established by the Dunleer Community Development Board as a civic centre, and seek to have the project operate as a going concern.


    DCDB 30th July, 2014.


Thank you for YOUR support...



On Thursday the 4th of December, the Dunleer Community Development Board opened the Christmas Festival of Dunleer with the Turning on The Christmas Lights by Santa Claus.


In what was the first time that Santa came to The Market House on Main Street, Dunleer. Almost two thousand people enjoyed the start of the seasonal festivities.


Santa was very pleased with his new house in the Coach House on the Market House Courtyard.


On Friday the 5th of December our cultural society, An tScoraiocht Lannleire, held Dunleer's famous Wren boys Night in An Teach Ceili on the Barn Road. For more information on the Wren Boys Night see


On Saturday 6th of December the Dunleer Community Development Board held the Christmas Fair of Dunleer in the Market House Courtyard.


Over thirty stalls were in attendance, and crowds were bigger than last year.


Later in the day, An tScoraiocht Lannleire held their annual 'S-Factor' talent competition, with €1000 in prizes, in The Grove House Ballroom, Main Street Dunleer.


On Sunday 7th December the Annual Christmas Carols Service was held in St. Brigid's Church on Chapel Lane, Dunleer.



Christmas Film Club at The Market House








Dunleer Community Film Club are holding two cinema screenings in The Market House between now and Christmas.






One film is for adults  -


''White Christmas'' with Bing Crosby, and is to be screened on Thursday 18th December at 8pm


One film is for children -


''The Polar Express'' on Saturday the 20th of December at 2pm.










For more information contact

Ronan Myles (Dunleer Film Club) on 087 262 42 71.










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